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About Me
Since the 80s I've been involved in various musical projects:

Random Entourage - alt/synthpunk/experimental band (1984-1988) Gaby Rainey

Sha-Pink - alt/synthpunk/experimental band (1985-present) Darrin Robertson, Jon Thompson, Ruben "The Robot," Stephen "Skullface" Flor, Jack Rabbit Taylor, "Scary" Larry Frick, Tim Brink, Anastasia Marciano, Trina Churchwell  Currently active with a frequent podcast on iTunes or www.sha-pinkoddcast.com

Band WOW - alt/synthpunk/experimental band (1985-2000) Lilly Rose, Curtis  Currently remastering and remixing all tracks.

Apparatus - alt/dance band (90s) David Guiney  Currently in discussion about reviving this project

Everybody In The House - fictitious übergay dance band (1986-87 - 1994 - sporadically producing/re-producing retro-sounding tracks from 2000-2002 to "fill in the blanks." Pretty much anything that sounds clean came from this period.)  Due to persistent false claims made by other parties related to this project, all remastering has ceased.

Mickey "Mixin" Oliver - (2002-2007) Performed most production/instrumental writing/keys/drums/processing during this period, including "Hearts Desire,"  "Is It Love," "Nothin More To Give," and "I Know It's You."  There's a video with my version of IKIY on youtube.

Viola Wills (R.I.P. May 6, 2009) (a few projects here & there)  Did a crappy demo for her before she signed with ZYX in the 90s.  Threw a few ideas around, but unfortunately didn't get to see any of them through.

The Garland Cult (2005-Current)  I like to keep in touch with these guys.  Produced a handful of tracks for Empire State Human & lead singer Aidan Casserly, some of which winded up on TGC's debut CD "Protect Yourself From Hollywood." A limited edition 2cd set had a bonus disc of 5 extended versions/remixes by yours truly.

Heaven 17 (2006) Through stateside label Ninthwave Records I got the opportunity to remix 2 tracks by one of my teenage fave bands, Landing a secondary tribal remix of "Hands Up To Heaven" at #6 on Billboard's Hot Dance chart.

Remixes for Bronski Beat, The Perry Twins, Pleasure Center, Vibelicious feat Dean Boudreaux, Virgo Degan, Liquid 360...

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